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I welcome you to my masterpiece! A series of lyrics which together form a work of art. With happiness and sadness built to help the story flow, and have deep meaning. I ask you simlply to spread the word, and enjoy the masterpiece I present before you. Enjoy!

Friday, September 24, 2010

All Things Must End (The Final Post)

The Final Post

It is a very sad day for me, but one to remember. Welcome to the final War Of The Blade post! Its sad that this is the end, but All Thing Must End! What I mean by that is, I wrote a special song called, "All Things Must End." Which addresses how I really feel about this series as a whole! I must honestly say, I am very proud of this series! I am very sad that it must end, but I knew this day would come. So I prepared for it, and in the end I must say one thing, "Thank You All." Thank you all for the support, all the comments and for everything you have done to help me become the best I can be. With the end of this series begins another. The Legacy Inferno, I am confident will surpass this series. Thats why I request that all my followers on this blog page, transfer to the Legacy Inferno blog page. I intend to post the link at the end of this blog, so you can check out the new series! But for now, I think I will post the special song I wrote for this series. I hope you enjoy!

All Things Must End

A story done, the memory fades.
But it won't leave, or go away.
We have learned so much,
We remain attached, its true.
Even though we are out of touch.
We only have one thing to prove.
That in the end it was worth it.
We only wish, this wasn't it.

We know, All Things Must End.
For a new dawn to begin.

I ask one thing of you.
Don't let this memory die.
I have given you something true.
Pure and great, without lies.
That stands by me.
To the end of time.

We know, All Things Must End.
For a new dawn to begin.

I thank you, for what you've done.
I have grown so much,
Since this story had begun.
For that I leave you these words.
Thank You for all you've done.
In the end it achieved its worth.
Farewell, War Of The Blade.
It has been fun, but All Things Must End.
For us to move on.

Thank you all for your support! At last the series is complete, feel free to scan through some of the old material. And I really do hope that you all enjoyed everything I have written, because in the end it was all for my readers. I have no regrets for this series, but I must move on. I am looking forward to what you think of The Legacy Inferno! So at last here is the link for it!


Special Thanks:

Kristiana K, Britta K, Veronica H, Teresa H, Shirley G, Lacey G, Orion M, Jessica M, Charles C, Jen M, Andrew H, Brandyn G, Carla B, Felicia M, Kevin J, Sonia G, Steve P, Jessica W, Anyone else I can't think of off the top of my head!
All songs written by Nathaniel Hunter
(C) Copyright 2009-2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poll #2? + Results?

Well, I got no results from the poll! I must admit that its kinda insulting, but I've moved on. Since I have no results to speak of, I figured I would tell you about my favorite album, or albums in the series! I have to say that my favorites are, "War Of The Blade 4: At Worlds End, 5: The Gauntlet Of Solitude, 6: The Fall Of The Guillotine Blade." The reason I really loved the 4th album is because, I intended it to be the end of the story. But then decided to continue. That album I really began to expose some aspects of myself. It really defined this series as a whole, and it took the longest time to write. When I wrote the storyline for that album, I knew it would take a long time, but it is a album I am very proud of. Expecially how it ended, I thought it was the best ending I could have written. I still think its the best ending to an album in the series. The Gauntlet Of Solitude, I think is me at my best. I had no trouble concentrating on that album. It really brought out the best of me as a writer. Although, in the last albums, there are lots of times where I would drift off from the main point. And begin to be a little more repetative. The final album, I am very proud of...because of how it ended. I will admit, I had lots of trouble focusing on that album. It did lower the quality of the album as a whole. But still, when I finally realized that it was my final album. Thats when I really began to put a ton more focus into it, and in the end I think it payed off. If I had to choose between the 3 albums, I would say War Of The Blade 5: The Gauntlet Of Solitude is my favorite in the series! On friday I will be posting the final blog, so stay tuned. Because I still don't know exactly what I want to post. So it could be anything at this point. So stay tuned for that! At last I say...THANK YOU!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Poll #1

Welcome to the last three blogs on the War Of The Blade! I am excited to read the results of the poll I am going give take today! Really all I mean by poll, is I want to know what you as readers thought of this series. I would like to know for this particular poll, what your favorite album in the series was?! I will post the albums titles in order, and put a number next to them! Your can skim back through the albums and pick the number for your favorite album. Maybe say why you liked that particular album the most! And if you have any feedback for the future, you can post that as well! Its as simple as that! Thats all I ask of you, this is going to help me on my newest series! Helping me grow as a song writer. Then I will post the results on wednesday as well as set up the next poll. Which will be about your favorite song in the series! Then on friday I will post the results of that poll, maybe a special song?! And give my special thanks to some of my specific friends and supporters! Thats how these blogs are going to go! But for now, I am going to post the album titles for the series! Here it is:

Album Titles: Poll #:
War Of The Blade: The Age Of The Undamned (1)
War Of The Blade 1: The Lost And The Damned (2)
War Of The Blade 2: The Never War (3)
War Of The Blade 3: Destructions Right Hand (4)
War Of The Blade 4: At Worlds End (5)
War Of The Blade 5: The Gauntlet Of Solitude (6)
War Of The Blade 6: The Fall Of The Guillotine Blade (7)

So when you leave your comment, here is the format that is easiest for me to determain what album you are choosing for the poll.

(Poll #):



So if you follow that format, then I can easily determain what album you choose, and who you are! (If your not a follower) And what you thought, or your reflection on that album! Once you have posted your poll, I will talley up the results and post what peoples favorite album was! Then I might talk about writing that particular album, tell you some things about it.

Now the poll is open! (Kinda) I should say comment poll is open!